Corporate Obligation


Our vision is to be the regional market leader and trusted service provider to organizations concerned with the safe, confidential and efficient storage and management of records and information.

To deliver:

  • The Right business content
  • In the Right format
  • To the Right person
  • At the Right time.

Our Philosophy

Dash-s' philosophy is to embark on initiatives which can make a difference in people’s lives by establishing more investments so that more jobs are created


We are built on a number of core values, namely:
Trust - Being entrusted with management of customers' valuable information assets.
Creativity & Innovation - Constantly researching and staying at the forefront of our industry through professional programming using Rwandese partners.
Operational and Service excellence - Providing world-class service delivery.
Job creation -We value the creation of jobs for our people, through specific market segments development; new jobs will continuously be created for software applications designers and developers. By training semiskilled work force in basic document management skills our people are empowered with skills necessary and on demand for them to get easily re-employed even if they no longer working with us.
Capacity building - providing companies with technical knowledge to facilitate total ownership in document managerial skills through provisioning of training courses in the field.

Business Drivers

A number of major factors are driving the changes in our business. Technology has now evolved such that electronic commerce as well as egorvernance
are a reality, electronic documentation is required to support this new way of doing business.

Imaging systems, workflow, document and records management systems have matured and are widely used to enhance the use of paper. With this maturity has come the realization that these systems add real value to business in saving costs, improving process efficiency and increasing customer service levels.