Legislation, Business Imperatives, Electronic Transaction Laws, Choices


The difficulties facing business worldwide point to a need to reduce costs and without exception our customers are faced with this challenge.

Outsourcing of storage and infrastructure, focusing on core competencies and introducing electronic document management systems are ways of reducing costs, and customers are trying to exploit each of these options.

Business Imperatives

- The limitation of risk through the adoption of world class standards, to meet legislated compliance requirements in terms of records retention.
- The control of the creation and growth of records.
- To remain competitive and maintain budgets, companies, institutions and government are increasingly realizing that their time and resources are better deployed in focusing on their core business competencies. Outsourcing document and records management to Dash-s Technologies is a compelling, rational business decision to meet some of the challenges facing all business processes management today.

Electronic Transaction Laws

For many years organizations Rwanda have desired to move to electronic systems but up today are holding back as they perceive that digital documents would not be acceptable in courts. The irony is that to date most transactions are entirely or partly conducted electronically for example E-Banking, E-Ticketing, E-Commerce; in business world traders no longer have to travel to purchase or conduct businesses all transactions are accomplished on-line.

New legislation on electronic transactions which is being drafted once in place will facilitate an increasing move towards electronic commerce as well as electronic governance for example the e-parliament.


The commercial and legislative demand for companies to manage their business records efficiently leaves decision makers with the following choices.
Not to comply with legislation. This is a highly risky option and could have major financial and reputation repercussions.
Minimum compliance. This creates an unnecessary overhead which leads to increased costs.
Embrace and seek the opportunity by moving from ad hoc and unpredictable processes to outsource, effective control of all documents and records as will be required by law.