Scan to CD/DVD

Text Documents, Drawings & Pictures can be scanned, in any required format, in black & white and/or color and provided on CD (which can hold up to 20,000 text images) or DVD (up to 140,000 text images).

For Companies who do not have an in-house Document Management System, these discs can be provided with in-built software, enabling the images to be indexed, as they were in their files, or to a new, enhanced specification to improve the ability to identify. The discs can then be loaded into any Windows PC, or integrated into a server or jukebox, whereby the software automatically runs, allowing images to be searched for, e-mailed, printed or copied into any word processing application, without ever leaving your desk.

Document Scanning To PDF / JPEG or Any Format

Images can be provided in any format you require. You may prefer editable PDF files or Jpeg or Large Format images suitable for your CAD software. If in doubt, please discuss your requirements with us. We recommend that you contact us should you need to process similar paper more than once. A Forms Processing system purchase is justified if you process at least a few hundred similar documents per day.

Data Capture and Conversion Solutions

Leaders in Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) and Character Recognition (OCR/ICR)

OCR/ICR/OMR Data Capture

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) are technologies that enable printed or written text to be scanned and translated into machine readable data.

Whether you wish to undertake Surveys, Assessments, Monitoring, Research, Examinations or Testing, we specialise in high speed data capture products using OMR (optical mark reading), Image Scanning (OCR/ICR) and Web.

We offer clients the option to either purchase their own OMR/OCR/ICR system for in-house use or to use our OMR/OCR/ICR Bureau data capture services. No matter whether you are in education, health, government, or commercial organisations our Data Capture systems offer a fast and efficient way to gather, assess and analyse your data.

Automated Forms Processing

process documents from their images or directly from paper and convert them to computer readable data (usually ASCII). Not to be confused with basic OCR, Forms Processing packages do a lot more than just Recognition of data (OCR/ICR/OMR/Bar Codes, etc). While Forms Processing packages will give you Recognition capabilities, they also manage the complete life cycle of the document from scanning to extract and sometimes even include Image Archive and Retrieval.