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March Newsletter


Contents of the e-Newsletter:

  • CEO’s message
  • Dash attends Philips MCR Training
  • Ongoing Projects
  • New employees
  • Dash-S Ventures
  • HIMS and PACS

Message from the CEO

 Greetings Dear Partners! I take this opportunity on behalf of the Dash-S team to welcome you all to 2010 and wish you the best out of this year.
As 2010 unfolds, we look forward to facing the challenges that come with it to continue to serve you our esteemed customers with more determination and dedicated expertise.
I’m glad to note that a good number of organizations have come to realize that Electronic Document Archiving is the way to go if they must safe guard their Documents and records and have thus joined our campaign to Work Smarter, Go Paperless! With our Electronic Document Management System.
We have started on an encouraging note with three projects at National Public Prosecution Authority’s branches Gasabo and Nyarugeneg and Ministry of Health. And we hope to keep up this pace.
Dash-S Technologies continues to grow. In a bid to realize one of our goals which is to create employment, we have decided to have more   people to our team especially in the field support and administration departments as our install base continues to expand.
We have embarked on an internship program whereby we give university finalists an opportunity to learn from us with hands on experience to enable them to understand the real time situation after years of education.

We look forward to working closely with you all our esteemed customers and partners to make 2010 a very successful year for all of us.

Rucyemangabo H Lumumba
Dash-S Technologies Inc


Dash-s Ongoing Projects

Four years down the road – We can now say institutions in Rwanda have now come to understand the importance and need of an Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) rather than a physical archive which is still widely used.
Last year we told you about our outstanding EDMS projects in two of Rwanda’s important institutions (The Directorate of Immigration and Emigration and The National Public Prosecution Authority).
As always we aim at satisfying our clients and providing them with the best solutions. The NPPA was so pleased with how the EDMS eased their workflow and improved their day-to-day search of documents, that they summoned us for the second time, this time to help them with their branch archives at Gasabo and Nyarugenge.
The Ministry of Heath also realized that they faced a big problem when it came to their archive and approached us to help them and implement an EDMS.
For those of you who are still working with a physical archive…think about it and also join our campaign, Work smarter  Go Paperless!
Dash-S Ventures
As you well know, Dash-s is a dynamic company seeking to bring state-of- the-art technologies to Rwanda and the region.
Dash-S and her partner Philips HealthCare are on the move to Install the first Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in Rwanda at King Faisal Hospital Kigali.
The MRI is a medical Imaging technique used in radiology to visualize detailed internal structure and limited functions of the body.MRI provides difference between soft tissues compared to the conventional methods of imaging.
Our bodies are made of water molecules which contain hydrogen nuclei or protons so when a person goes inside the magnetic field is created by passing an electric current through the wire loops.
While this is happening, other coils in the magnet send and receive radio waves. This triggers the protons in the body to align themselves. Once aligned, radio waves are absorbed by the protons, which stimulate spinning. Energy is released after “exciting” the molecules which in turn emits energy signals and generates it into an image.
The final product is a 3-D image representation of the area being examined.
The MRI is going to benefit King Fiasal Hospital (KFH) in a number of ways.

Enabling the discovery of abnormalities that might be obscured by bone with other imaging methods

Will enable the hospitals get clear images of soft tissues like the heart, liver and brain etc

MRI will generally improve Radiology health care not only at KFH but also in Rwanda since it’s the first of its kind in this country

New employees
As the days go by, Dash-s continues to grow. It is due to the increase in our product sales & solutions implementations that decided to add more people to our staff.
This year kicked off with a new Field Service Engineer, so that we can continue to provide our customers with our prompt support services.
For those of you who visited us last year, you will most probably recognize a new face when greeted by our new Assistant Administrator.

Left to Right: Adam Field Service Engineer and Jackie the new Assistant Administrator


We would also like to take this opportunity and inform you that one of our members is no longer with us. Some of you had met and were in touch with our Sales & Marketing Executive Ms. Lilian Komugisha. Ms. Komugisha is no longer with us, if there is anything, anyone intended to communicate with her, please feel free and communicate it to Ms. Anitah Nasasira at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Q: what is a Pulse Oximeter?
A: A Pulse Oximeter is a medical device that measures the oxygen saturation of a patient’s blood (as opposed to measuring Oxygen saturation directly through a blood sample) and changes in blood volume in the skin. It may be attached to a patient monitor so that a clinician can monitor the patient’s oxygenation at all times. Or it may be an independent handheld pulse oximeter.

Dash-s attends the Philips  MCR Training in Riga

Dash-s was invited for Sales Force Training in Riga this February.
MCR training which is a Philips HealthCare annual event for their Partners and Distributors gave us a clear understanding on the products and solutions and how best to approach our customers with our products.
During this event, success stories from different countries were highlighted and one of this year’s success that is yet to come was also mentioned the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) project by Philips HealthCare in conjunction with Dash-S at King Faisal Hospital.
Riga was beneficial for both Dash-S as a new partner and Rwanda. There are Philips machineries (equipments) in Rwanda that needed someone to be in constant lookout for new releases (either software or hardware) and now Dash-s has what is takes to introduce and recommend the users on the way forward with their equipments.

Middle East & Africa cluster General Manager’s training

 Center is Dash-S CEO with some of the Philips Executive members

HMIS and PACS Training
Early this year, Dash-s engineers went training on HMIS (Hospital Management Information Systems) and PACs
Picture Archival and Communication System) in India
The only way to have the best knowledge and provide our
A customer with the best support is only through the understanding of what we are offering and how best we can serve our people.
You most probably went through an e-newsletter last year that we had written on PACs.
Dash-s will be the pioneer on the implementation of one of the greatest achievements in health care.
A few months from now KFH (King Faisal Hospital) will be the 1st hospital in Rwanda with PACs.


New Product Releases from Dash-s Partners

 Dash-s is pleased to bring to our e-newsletter readers new product releases from our international partners.

Kodak, one of the leading providers of document scanners has released their latest scanner series. Kodak continues  to be more and more innovative and a life saver for our overwhelming documents!

Digitizing and Document management just got a lot easier with the new redefined i4000 scanners.
The i4000 series is the only scanner series in its self that allows for field upgrades, delivers high productivity that automates multiple tasks with powerful one touch scanning, consistent image quality using the Kodak perfect page and it gives you more efficiency in less time.
What you should know about the New i4000

  • 500 sheet input capacity
  • One Scanner handles any thickness or size of paper.
  • Scan 100-120 paper per minute.
  • 30,000-50,000 documents a day.
  • Smart touch Kodak Capture desktop all in one box.

for more information, please click here

Kodak has also released a new software, the Capture Pro version 2.5

  • More capture versatility and productivity
  • Additional ability to import PDF
  • More indexing productivity
  • More compatibility
  • Auto import (fully automated continuous import from hot folders.

Pulse Oximeter

 Philips HealthCare recently introduced a new refined pulse oximeter- the G3pulse Oximeter.This is a device that was developed using both Philips and Goldway research. It measures SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation in the patient’s blood) and uses Philips SpO2 technology in both the socket and algorithm.
This device can be localized in any language according to the customer’s preference.
Advantages of this Pulse oximeter

  • High resolution 2.8 color display
  • Two display modes(big numeric and wave form)
  • Uses Philips Spo2 technology
  • Application from neonatal to adult
  • Convenient protective cover.






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