iDose4 is an iterative reconstruction technique that gives you control of the dial so you
can personalize image quality based on your patients’ needs at low dose. When used in
combination with the advanced technologies of the iCT, Ingenuity, and Brilliance scanner
families, it provides a unique approach to managing important factors in patient care – a new
era in low energy, low dose and low injected contrast imaging. Designed to integrate into
your CT department, iDose4 provides the look and feel of conventional high-dose images with
a majority of reference protocols reconstructed in under a minute.
iDose4 is available for the following systems:
iCT family, Ingenuity CT family, Brilliance 64, Brilliance 40 (requires Brilliance 40- to Brilliance 64-channel

with Essence technology and iDose4 conversion), Brilliance 16 (air cooled systems),
Brilliance 6/10 (requires upgrade to Brilliance 16-channel air-cooled and iDose4 upgrade).


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MX 4000 Dual







The entry point to multislice CT. Multislice technology doubles performance for hard-to-image
anatomy or where high speed and volume coverage are critical. The MX 4000 Dual
configuration offers an easy way to enter multislice imaging, featuring a simple user interface
to prompt intelligent exam flow and decision-making in a patient-friendly compact design.
The MX 4000 Dual provides a reliable platform for long term use. A range of clinical
applications allow to conduct studies for enhanced diagnoses, fast exams, and high reliability.

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Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology



Philips Brilliance CT Big Bore* is the industry’s only 85cm bore,


allowing for the scanning of
patients with various applications in the treatment position.


Respiratory-correlated imaging for motion assessment,


Orthopedic Metals Artifact Reduction (O-MAR), tumor localization (Tumor LOC)


for absolute isocenter marking, and CT simulation make this a complete oncology CT offering.

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MX 16-Slice CT

The Philips MX16EVO CT scanner is evolving the way that clinicians are able to care for patients
allowing for exceptional image quality with low dose, high patient throughput, and attractive
total cost of ownership. Exclusive technologies make it possible for the MX16EVO to deliver
performance and productivity that are at the top of its class, allowing institutions to excel at
routine applications and also move into neuro and CTA imaging with more patients a day.
The system features a compact design, as well as capable and reliable tube. MX16EVO is a truly
reliable workhorse that it‘s easy for hospitals to operate and own.

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Brilliance CT 16-Slice