Open Infant Warmers

Natus' line of infant warmers provide optimal thermal support. The SM-401 design facilitates easy and flexible access for caregivers.


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Closed Incubators

Natus' closed incubator line offers controlled, consistent microenvironments for thermoregulation. Ranging from a value product to premium-level products for your high acuity babies, Natus offers a choice of options to meet your needs. All Natus incubators are designed with ease of use, access and cleaning in mind.


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Transport Incubators

Natus' line of transport incubators are compact and lightweight, providing easy access and visability during transport.


 thumb Medix TR-306TR-306  thumb Medix TR-200TR-200



Natus provides innovative products for the treatment of newborn jaundice.

Olympic Medical has manufactured a variety of fluorescent and halogen phototherapy lights for over 40 years, including Bili-Lite 33, Bili-Bassinet, and Bili-Light Pad. Many of these are still being used to treat infants with jaundice today. While these lights are no longer available, we would like to encourage our customers to use the newer and more effective LED technology found in our neoBLUE phototherapy products. We will continue to support our Olympic phototherapy lights with supplies, replacement parts, and Bili-Meters. 

Olympic Bili-Meter – measures the intensity of phototherapy treatment delivered with Olympic lights 

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