Achieva 3.0T TX

DescriptionNext generation,

advanced innovation for 3T MRI featuring

MultiTransmit patient-adaptive RF

management technology.

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Achieva 1.5T S E


The Achieva 1.5T SE is an extremely low-risk solution for sites that want to introduce
MRI services for the first time or add capacity to current MRI capabilities. The Achieva 1.5T SE
with PowerSave reduces the energy bill up to 50% and makes the right clinical and economic
trade-offs for these kinds of providers, enabling them to conduct the most common
studies with a level of quality and consistency not typically found at this cost level. The scalable
Achieva platform ensures confidence in ability to grow as needs evolve.

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Achieva 1.5T A-Series




High-performance MRI for ease

of use and increased productivity

on an advanced platform that delivers fast,

high-quality diagnostic results.


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Achieva 3.0T  X-Series



The Achieva 3.0T X-series is a comprehensive, patient-friendly, compact 3.0T whole body
MR system with a large up to 50 cm FoV and a unique body coil design providing high
SNR and image homogeneity. The system provides clinical imaging in all applications with
best-in-class performance in mainstream applications like Neuro and MSK.
A wide variety of innovative applications such as 4D-TRAK, 2k Imaging, ASL, SENSE,
spectroscopy and SmartExam ensure high performance and efficiency.

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