HeartStart FRx


Rugged, reliable construction of

the Philips HeartStart FRx AED

makes it perfect for the first responder

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The Trilogy 202 is both a volume-control and pressure-control

ventilator for invasive and noninvasive ventilation.

The versatile breath delivery and setup options free

you from burdensome equipment exchanges, providing greater

continuity of care for your patients. Because the Trilogy 202 has the unique ability

to compensate for leaks in both pressure and volume control modes,

using simpler passive circuits may support significant time and cost savings.

With one simple setting change, the Trilogy 202 supports either active

or passive exhalation breathing circuits to accommodate changes in circuit preference.

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Respironics NM3

Enabling authorized Philips

support specialists to securely

access certain devices

via the Internet.

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Respironics Respi-Link

Mechanically ventilated patients are constantly challenging

clinicians with complex questions regarding their current

respiratory status and the adequacy of ventilatory support.

The Respironics NM3 monitors physiologic gas exchange,

deadspace, and alveolar tidal volume, as well as a host of

accessory parameters. This valuable insight helps you answer

the toughest clinical questions, throughout the continuum of care.

You can minimize the duration of mechanical ventilation and optimize

the potential for successful extubation when managing critically

ill patients with confidence because at every stage of

care the NM3 monitors the patient’s response to ventilation.

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Respironics V200

The Respironics V200 critical care

ventilator provides state-of-the-art

ventilation modes with synchrony

options that reduce work of

breathing and streamline patient care.

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