Mobile Radiography

In the ER, ICU or at bedside,

our mobile systems are compact

, easy to maneuver and deliver

top quality images at any budget.

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Analog Radiography (Q-Rad System)

CARESTREAM Q-Rad floor-mounted x-ray systems are ideal for busy imaging centers,

orthopedic offices, private practices, urgent care facilities and ER overflow rooms.

The analog systems offer full positioning functionality, ease of use and the highest degree

of image quality for enhanced patient care.

Q-Rad Systems are configured and priced for your facility.

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Digital Radiography

Direct digital radiography with

flat Wireless Portable Detector

technology delivers fast exams

by improving workflow, and can

be combined with fluoroscopy functionality

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Computed Radiography

Add computed radiography

to your analog X-ray systems

for excellent quality digitized

images plus easy storage and

distribution at an affordable price

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