Hospital Bed

Hospital Beds


• Aesthetic and durable anodized aluminum profiles, which are resistant to corrosion and damages
• Low weight due to torsion-free aluminum construction frames
• Four types of material for lying surface: ABS, Sandwich Laminate, HPL and Aluminum
• Respiratory gaps in the lying surface for sufficient air circulation
• Patented clip-mechanism of lying surface removal for easy cleaning and maintenance of the inner mechanism
• Integrated mattress compensation in back-section for pressure ulcer prevention
• Integrated 2-part, telescopic safety side rails for support level and protection level
• Manual CPR Release located at both sides for urgent cases
• Trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg, cardiac sitting and vascular positioning
• Height adjustment of back, upper leg and foot sections through patient hand control and nurse control box (located in the bedding deposit)
• Central brake system for braking, steering and maneuvering
• Easy wipe-disinfection possible due to large and smooth surfaces
• 4 adaptors for IV-Poles or traction frames
• Accessory bar for drainage bags etc. over the entire length of the bed.
• Integrated back-up battery for 12V (optional)

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