Digital Archiving Services

Most business organizations and government institutions keep archives  for historical research purposes, to keep track of their financial transactions or as a legal requirement.

Archives can be either physical or digital. Physical archives most often consist of mainly paper documents. Paper records are often prone to risks of mold, mildew, moisture and improper handling which can all ruin documents in both short and long term. As a result, many organizations today are turning to digital document archiving solutions for their record keeping.

Digital document archiving involves the use of scanners to capture digital images of documents which than be stored on servers or hard drives. While physical archives often take up significant amounts of storage space, digital archives only require virtual space. Digital archives may even eliminate the need for storing physical records.

Dash-s Technologies has partnered with global leaders in the document imaging industry and boasts a broad range of products to cater to all your digital document archiving needs.